Bricklayer Killed by 300-Pound Falling
Stone Receives $2.25 Million

A 27-year-old bricklayer was killed while he was working on a condominium construction project when a 300-pound parapet stone broke off from the building and fell on his head. Initially, he was profoundly brain-damaged and paralyzed, but six months later hed died from complications of his injuries.

The family of the bricklayer retained the Scanlan Law Group to sue the project's general contractor, carpentry contractor, and the architect. In the lawsuit, Edmund Scanlan contended that the defendants were responsible for the bricklayer's death because they failed to properly secure the parapet stone to the building. Prior to trial, the case settled for a total of $2.25 million, with the carpentry contractor contributing $1.3 million, and the general contractor kicking in $950,000.

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